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About indexes

Indexes or indices as they are differently named, are not just trading assets, they are used to measure the performance of a group of stocks, an industrial sector or the economy as overall. There is no need to check on individual stocks to know how the technology sector is performing, index report quotes will show how an economy is doing. There is no physical asset to exchange while dealing with indices, so they are mostly traded through derivatives like CFDs.

What are the key factors that influence indices price movement?

Financial reports and economic forecasts

Political unrest, terrorism and wars

International and domestic political events

Natural disasters and hazards

The most popular Indexes
  • The FTSE 100 – Differently named ‘UK 100,’ includes the 100 biggest companies by market capital.
  • Dow Jones – Differently named ‘Wall Street’, includes the 30 US’ biggest publicly owned companies.
  • The DAX – Differently named ‘Germany 30,’ includes the 30 major German companies.
  • NASDAQ 100 – Differently named ‘US Tech 100,’ includes the 100 biggest tech companies in the US.
  • Nikkei 225 – Includes 225 of Japan's biggest companies.
  • CAC 40 – Differently named ‘France 40’, includes the 40 of France’s biggest companies by capitalization.