Trading platforms

The main tool for the trader to work is the trading platform and its terminal — special software. The choice of a trading platform essentially determines the opportunities in the market, because the speed and accuracy of responding to price movements, convinient of conducting transactions – definately decide what the result will be. The trading platform must be safe, fast-acting and functional. We understand that high productivity, analytical capabilities, simplicity and flexibility are important for a trader. First of all, you should understand how the program works and how it is convenient to use it. But no matter which platform you like more, you should be careful, because you work with real assets. Bid Broker Stocks offers several best terminals for professional stock trading.



Status Platform

Feel the power of trading with the Status platform on Bid Broker Stocks. This is the flagman software that provides innovative trading tools and high speed of making deals. The Status Platform provides a set of market analytics, trading modeling and other means for “manual” and automated trading. The platform enables permanent monitoring of quotes, quick and convenient management of accounts and deals, and the construction of graphs for technical analysis of the market. An intuitive interface that does not require a long mastery allows you to trade not only reliably, but also conveniently.


The undoubted leader, whose functionality is used by millions of traders around the world. BBSTrader is a popular professional Forex trading application with a full range of tools. The platform is notable for its simple interface settings, several display styles, the presence of an economic calendar and current news. BBSTrader also offers several modes of opening deals and all types of market and pending trading orders. Traders note wide analytical capabilities: a variety of technical indicators, graphical objects, and trading signals.

Web Tranding

WEB Platform

The platform allows you to trade without deep knowledge of the financial market. For your convenient and efficient trading we have developed and implemented a new online terminal. Use all the opportunities provided by Bid Broker Stocks and make a profit with minimal risk. Graph functions and order management tools provide fast and efficient monitoring of your positions. Control your investments from anywhere in the world, easily switching between devices.

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